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Contact Lumen Resources. We will go through your upcoming projects to understand your electrical business. Whether your a one-man band with a controls project, or a Tier 1 multi-national, Lumen Resources will connect you with trained local system integrators who are best suited to design, estimate and quote your control projects.

The Lumen Resources System Integrator training and evaluation program, ensures that System Integrators hold a high standards for DALI-2 design, controls programming, and documentation of projects.


System Integrators

Sign up to get training on the DALI-2 standard and zencontrol products. Learn how to quote, estimate, design controls projects for local electricians.

Complete the System Integrator training course to understand how to build commercial grade DALI-2 systems for lighting control including sensing, dimming, scenes, and advanced topics including emergency lighting reporting, circadian rhythm, and api interfaces.

Gain access to the our product catalog, and resell zencontrol products.



Need to purchase zencontrol products to sell to your electricians?

Contact our sales team and we’ll help you assess the project or components. We will then identify what level of support the electrician requires, and determine how to ensure the job goes smoothly.