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DALI-2 training

With over 40 years of combined experienced in lighting control, Lumen
Resources provides the most comprehensive lighting industry training, and
product support.

DALI-2 for System Integrators
Training Course

Learn how to address and program large scale DALI-2 jobs with the zencontrol. Learn how to quote DALI-2 systems, includes everything required to confidently take on DALI-2 jobs. Required to gain access to purchase zencontrol products.

DALI-2 for Consultants
Training Course

Learn how to design jobs to the DALI-2 standard. Understand the new key differences from DALI to DALI-2, and be confident to design wired, wireless, and hybrid systems.

DALI-2 for Facility Managers
Training Course

Learn how to manage a DALI-2 site. With the zencontrol cloud understand how to monitor your site, replace DALI fittings, and remotely manage your site.

DALI-2 Emergency Training Course

Learn how to create DALI-2 emergency monitored systems. Understand best practice for wiring DALI-2 emergency with DALI systems.

DALI-2 Wireless Training Course

Learn about the DALI-2 wireless standard, how to create standard approved wireless lighting networks and interface with wired systems.


DALI-2 Wellness Training Course

Learn how to create circadian rhythm with lighting. Understand the new DALI-2 wellness sensors for air quality through the smart lighting network, and how to interface the sensors BACnet systems.

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Support and Training Centre

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